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Who is the guide for?


Our guide is an open source document which means anyone can use, study, and distribute it for any purpose.

How does it work?

These slides act as infographics explaining different aspects of the election cycle and your rights. You can use the links on the contents page to navigate to key sections.

Hint: Slides are specifically designed for sharing on Facebook and Instagram. We would LOVE for you to do that!

What is the guide?

This guide compiles accessible information on voting rights in the UK, voting systems, political structures, participation channels, and more.

The guide will help you...

  • understand your voting rights

  • learn how democratic structures in the UK work

  • empower you to use your vote


Are you interested in learning more or sharing our resources? The full live document is now available for anyone to view and download using the link below.

You'll be able to:

  • download the guide for offline reading

  • print the guide in full or scale up key pages to use as posters

  • save the full guide or portions of it as a Powertpoint presentation

  • download social-media ready JPGs of individual slides

  • access our full bibliography for further research

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